Inscribe Art


Our Platforms


KUMA L.A.B is an experiential showcase that brings together the urban/street art & culture community into a space to connect, showcase, and express. Our event space merges live visual art performances with music, merchandise and urban pop culture elements. Our goal is to promote collaboration among artists, and provide opportunities for them to showcase and commercialize their skill. We have hosted a series of KUMA events with sponsors and partners whose brand values align with ours, and who are interested in producing creative experiences for the Urban Art community.


“Converge” is a thought leadership platform that brings together Urban Artists and creative professionals to mix, mingle, co-create, and learn from each other in a relaxed setting. We host a series of meet-ups in various cities across the world. Our goal with this event is to create opportunities for artists to learn the skills that are important to be able to commercialize and monetize their art. We discuss topics ranging from client management, to negotiation, branding, legal, and more. Creatives who attend these events leave with more knowledge, and confidence to be able to better manage their art business.

Lagos Street Art Festival

The Lagos Street Art Festival is a 3-day event coming soon to promote urban street art culture and creativity through collaboration. The festival will showcase the cultural and entertainment value of art, with live graffiti and street art painting by our artists. Our core mission is to beautify, educate, and bring people together through the power of art while creating a platform for urban and street artists to showcase their talents. The festival will feature elements of urban/pop culture, including music, skating, dance, merchandise, and more.