Inscribe Art


Inscribe x Socially Africa

Inscribe has partnered with Socially Africa (a mission that teaches people to Be Good, Do Good, and Inspire Good) on their “Art For A Cause” initiative.

About Art For a Cause

Art For A Cause is a project created to inspire and educate children using art as our medium of communication. We believe that Art is a very powerful medium to enhance creativity and learning amongst students, and keep them inspired throughout their time in school. We use a design thinking approach to create art that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional within the educational environment. Together with a team of artists, designers, and volunteers, we visit public schools to execute this art in the form of murals, props, and installations. In addition, we spend time with the kids, engaging them in activities such as – spelling bee, arts & crafts, and creative workshops.

We also distribute free merchandise, books, bags, crayons and drawing books to the kids. Through Art for A Cause, we find avenues to assist creative talent within the public school system. We have plans to host an exhibition that curates artwork from the various talented kids that we have come across, and generates sales to assist them in furthering their education. Since the inception of Art for A Cause in 2016, we have run the project in 15 schools in Nigeria and 1 in Sri Lanka reaching approximately 15,000+ kids.